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KidMax forums are place to discuss all issues regarding kids, including Parenting, Education & Training, Health & Well-being, Sports, Recreation & Fun Activities and Services, Concerns & Issues. If you encountered problem when using the website and you want to discuss with other members, you can do that too in the forums. Discuss suggestions for KidMax and tell members about how you saved on KidMax.
Note that KidMax forums are public and KidMax membership is not required to read the forum posts. However, membership is required to write to the forums. Please be mature and professional in your comments and do not use any abusive language. If KidMax believes that your post violates any laws and regulations or violates rights of others or violates rules and guidelines of KidMax or is not in good spirit of the KidMax community, your post will be removed immediately and your privilege to write to the forums can be taken away. This action is not reversible.
KidMax reserves the complete right to, but has no duty to, remove any topic or post of the forums in it's sole discretion. KidMax also reserves the complete right to make any topic of the forums a sticky topic for benefit of it's members.
To suggest changes to or a new forum or a sub-forum, please write to our Customer Service Team (Members (requires login) | Non-Members).
Success of KidMax forums depends on members' input. We encourage you to contribute to the forums. Give us your feedback.
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