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This article describes service/business listing feedback. To learn about KidMax user's or member's feedback, click here.
What is Service/Business Feedback?
Service/Business Feedback allows members to rate a service/business listing on KidMax. Members rate how satisfied their experience with the service/business was for the following criteria: service, price and quality. They can select 'Not Applicable' (or leave unrated) for criteria which they feel do not apply to the service/business. They must also leave a small note (not exceeding 165 words) about their experience. Feedback(s) received by a service/business listing on KidMax over time builds it's Overall Rating. A service/business listing's rating on KidMax serves as it's reputation and helps KidMax community to know more about it tremendously.
Please Note:
  • You can leave feedback only once for a service/business listing.
  • You are entirely responsible for comments you post with the feedback.
  • Please be mature and professional in your comments; do not use abusive language.
  • Use facts to describe your experience; avoid leaving negative and personal remarks.
  • If you have a disagreement, please make every effort to resolve it first before leaving feedback.
How do I leave feedback for a service/business?
You can leave feedback for a service/business from listing details page. Click 'Leave feedback for Service/Business' to leave feedback for a service/business. KidMax members can leave feedback for a service/business only once. Seller can not leave feedback for his/her listing(s).
 Note: To leave feedback for service/business, you will need to provide your billing & shipping information. This helps to ensure that only one account is created per person. This information is required to keep KidMax a safe and reliable place for members. You will not be charged when you enter this information. There is absolutely no charge for leaving feedback for service/business.
Can I change or withdraw feedback I left for a service/business listing?
It is not possible to change or withdraw a feedback you have left for a service/business listing.
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