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This article describes service/business listing rating. To learn about KidMax user/member rating, click here.
What is a Service/Business rating on KidMax?
A service/business's rating on KidMax serves as it's reputation and helps KidMax community to know more about it. Overall Rating of service/business is a score out of 5 and is calculated using feedback received by it from KidMax members over lifetime of listing. A higher overall rating means that more members had positive experience with the service/business.
How is Overall Rating calculated?
Members of KidMax can rate their experience with a service/business for the following criteria:
  • Service
  • Price
  • Quality
Members select 'Not Applicable' (or leave unrated) for criteria which they feel do not apply to this service/business. Overall rating of the service/business will be determined only by criteria which a member rate.
Overall Rating is calculated using formula: Overall Rating = Total Feedback Score / Total Count of Feedbacks
A member is allowed to rate a service/business only once. Overall Rating calculation is further illustrated with the help of examples.
Example 1: Heather rates that she was very satisfied (5/5) with service and price of service/business A, but she was not satisfied (1/5) as far as quality is concerned. Her rating for the service/business will be ({5+5+1}/3 =) 3.67/5.
Example 2: Eric rates that he was very satisfied (5/5) with price and quality of service/business A, but he thinks that service is not applicable to his experience with the service/business. His rating for the service/business will be ({5+5}/2 =) 5/5. His contribution to the overall rating of the service/business will be determined only by criteria which he rated: price and quality.
Other elements of a service/business's rating on KidMax
Total Number of feedbacks: this is total number of feedbacks left for the service/business. Since KidMax members are allowed to rate a service/business only once, this is also the total number of unique members who have feedbacks for the service/business.
Overall Rating also shows the overall rating for each the criteria separately. An example is shown here:
 (3.33/5) [6 feedback(s)]

 (3.86/5) [7 feedback(s)]

 (4.43/5) [7 feedback(s)]
If there is no rating for a criterion or no overall rating, it will be indicated as */5. An example:
 (*/5) [No feedback]
Comments: Comments (not exceeding 165 words) left by members can be reviewed to know what they felt about their dealings with the service/business. Up to last 500 feedback and comments are shown as part of rating.
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