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Help > How to Relist/Sell Similar Item?
How to Relist/Sell Similar Item?go to Help:Contents 
This article describes how to relist/sell similar product/item on KidMax. To learn how to renew/relist a service/business, click here.
A product/item listing that has expired or ended within the last 180 days can be easily relisted or used to list a similar item on KidMax.
The Seller of a listing can relist/sell similar item from:
  • my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Items Sold
  • my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Items Not Sold
  • my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Offers Received
  • my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Offers Accepted
  • my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Offers Invalid
Items that can be relisted or used to sell similar item have 'Sell Similar' or 'Relist/Sell Similar' link.
For example,
  • 'my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Items Sold' shows:
    Item ID: 323314 (Ended)  Title: Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities (2006) - Animated Classi..  Sale Type: AUC   Sell Similar
  • 'my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Items Not Sold' shows:
    Item ID Item Title Sale Type Current Price Qty. Highest Bidder Public on Ended on
    323306 Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities (2006) - Animated Classic Collection DVD
    0 bid(s) . 19 visit(s) . Relist/Sell Similar
    AUC 9.99 1 -- Jan 04, 08 12:28 PM Jan 19, 08 12:28 PM
When you click on the 'Sell Similar' or 'Relist/Sell Similar' link, you will go to the 'Relist/Sell Similar Item' page.
  • Click 'Continue' on the 'Relist/Sell Similar Item' page to relist or sell similar item.
  • You will be redirected to the listing 'Review & Confirm' page.
  • You can make any changes you wish to the listing from there by clicking on 'Edit' next to a section of the listing.
  • Seller fee to Relist/Sell Similar Item is same as the listing fee to list the item for the first time. Your listing fee will be determined by the details of the listing. See Seller Fees (Product/Item).
  • After you have carefully reviewed your listing, click 'Submit Changes'.
  • Your listing will be confirmed only after you click 'Submit Changes' on the listing 'Review & Confirm' page.
  • Only listings that have expired or ended within the last 180 days can be used to relist or sell similar item.
  • All the rules that apply to sell product/item(s), apply to relist/sell similar item on KidMax.
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