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This article details fee structure for listing service(s)/business(es). To learn about fees to sell product/item(s), see Seller Fees (Product/Item).
KidMax has an inexpensive and simple fee structure for listing service/business. Seller incurs only Listing fee to list service(s)/business.
The details of this fee are described below. Note that the currency used in all fees and examples below is U.S. dollar (US $ or USD).
Listing fee for:
Service/Business listing is $4.95 per listing for each period of 30 days.
      Examples of listing fee for service/business listings:
    Listing fee for listing a service/business for 30 days is: $4.95 x 1 period of 30 days = $4.95
    Listing fee for listing a service/business for 60 days is: (maximum) $4.95 x 2 periods of 30 days = $9.90
There is no additional fee for listing a service/business.
You can add up to 5 pictures in your listing. There is no additional picture fee, no highlight fee, etc.
Included in this price is a chance to be displayed on front page on We randomly select listings to display on front page every hour. Your listing could be displayed on the front page on several times during it's listing duration. However, this is not guaranteed.
You will be able to review your listing fee before you submit your service/business for listing.
Seller fee to renew listing is same as the listing fee to list the service/business for the first time. See Renew Listing.
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You will be able to review all your listing fees as bill line items in your monthly billing statements:
An example of billing statement showing only listing fees for service/business listings is given below. Learn more about Billing Statements.
Activity IDActivity DescriptionItem/Listing IDTransaction IDDate & TimeAmount
1023141Listing fee (adjustment) for Item/Listing324452--May 30, 08 11:47 AMUS $9.90
1022027Listing fee (adjustment) for Item/Listing324452--May 15, 08 01:10 PMUS ($4.95)
1012043Listing fee for Item/Listing324452--Mar 23, 08 09:23 PMUS $14.85
Billing activity: 1 to 3 of 3.   Page: 1 of 1.
  • Amounts enclosed in brackets, e.g., (0.35) denote amounts credited to your account.
  • All times are U.S. Pacific Time (PT).
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