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You can view your billing statements/invoices for up to last 24 months from 'my Dashboard > Billing'.

Your billing statements/invoices are generated once a month on a day determined by your profile. You can view the date statement was generated, amount owed and the status of your statement (Not charged / Paid / Charge failed) for each statement. The statement details or the billing line items can be seen by clicking on a 'See details' next to a particular statement. The billing activity that has not been invoiced (unbilled activity) can be reviewed by clicking on 'See unbilled activity' from billing statements page.

Your invoice may not be charged on the day it was generated, if the amount owed is negative or is too low. The date and time your invoice is charged is dependent solely on the discretion of KidMax Team.

If there is a negative amount on your statement, it will be credited to your next statement. We do not refund the owed amount to active members in general. If your membership is being ended for any reason, by you or by our team, the amount owed after pending charges will be refunded to your credit card on file.

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