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Various statuses of a Service/Business listinggo to Help:Contents 
This article describes various statuses of a service/business listing on KidMax. To learn about product/item listing statuses, click here.
A Service/Business listed on KidMax can be in one of the following statuses:
Listed but not public/active: A listing is in this status (till it becomes public) when a seller chooses to make the listing public at a future date and time. Only the seller will be able to see the listing in this status under 'my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Svc./Biz. Listed'. The listing in this status is not searchable by any user. No other KidMax member or user will be able to view the listing. Seller will see 'Not Public' below the listing title in 'my Dashboard'. Seller can make changes (revise) to the listing in this status.
Public / Active: When the listing becomes public / active, it is visible to all the users of KidMax. A listing in this status will be searchable by all users. However, only KidMax members can leave feedback for the listing and save the listing. If a non-member user intends to show interest in the listing, he/she must become a member first.
A seller can make changes (revise) to a service/business listing anytime till the listing is public or scheduled to become public.
To revise to your listing, go to 'my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Svc./Biz. Listed' anytime till the listing is public or scheduled to become public. To revise, click 'Revise Listing' below the title of your listing.
Ended or Expired: All listings have a start date and time and an end date and time.
Seller can end a listing earlier than it's scheduled expiration. We strongly discourage ending listings earlier than scheduled. See End a Listing.
The listing will end on it's specified end date and time. The listing in this status will no longer be searchable by any user. If a user had bookmarked or saved the listing (when it was public), he/she can still view it. However, no further interest can be shown in the listing. All users are strongly discouraged to contact the seller after the listing has ended. A listing that has expired or ended can be easily renewed/relisted anytime. See Renew Listing.
Cancelled / Removed: KidMax reserves the complete right to remove any listing in it's sole discretion. If KidMax believes that a listing violates any laws and regulations or violates rights of others or violates rules and guidelines of KidMax or is not in good spirit of the KidMax community, the listing will be removed immediately. No further action can be taken by either the seller or interested members(s) regarding a listing in this status.
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