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This article describes how to end a listing earlier than it's scheduled expiration. To learn how to end an item, see End an Item.
How can I end a service/business listing earlier than it's scheduled expiration?
You can end a service/business you have listed earlier than it's scheduled expiration.
Please Note:
  • We strongly discourage ending listings earlier than scheduled. This action is not reversible.
  • However, certain situations make it necessary to end a listing before it's scheduled expiration.
  • You can end your listing any time uptil 12 hours before it's scheduled expiration.
  • A listing can not be ended early if only 12 hours are remaining from it's expiration.
  • If you end your listing early, your account will still be charged Listing fee for the listing.
To end a service/business listing earlier than scheduled, go to 'my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Svc./Biz. Listed' or go to End Listing. Enter the Listing ID of the listing that you want to end earlier than scheduled. You can find Listing ID in the listing, in your listing confirmation e-mail, or in 'my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Svc./Biz. Listed'. If your listing can be ended earlier than scheduled, it will be ended and you will notified via e-mail of this action.
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