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How can I cancel/retract my bid?
You can retract/cancel a bid you placed in an auction. However, we strongly discourage retracting your bids. The number of bids you retract will be kept on record and can negatively affect your ratings. The number of bids you retract will be visible to all members in your 'User Rating'. A winning or partial winning bid that has been placed within 3 hours on an auction that expires in 5 hours or more can be retracted. Before you retract your bid, please note:
Bid retraction changes the winning bidder(s) on the item and can also impact the final price of the item. This can cause a lot of inconvenience to the seller and other bidders on the item.
Only winning or partial winning bids can be retracted. If your bid has been overbid, it can not be retracted.
A bid can not be retracted if the listing on which it was placed is expiring within 5 hours or less.
A bid can be retracted only within 3 hours of the time it was placed. This enables retracting erroneous bids or bids that were placed by mistake.
Retraction of a bid is not reversible. However, you can bid again on an auction on which you retract your bid.
To retract your bid, go to 'my Dashboard (Buyer Area) > Items Bidding on' or go to Buyer Area > Retract Your Bid. Enter the Item ID for which you want to retract your bid. You can find Item ID in the listing, in your bid confirmation e-mail, or in 'my Dashboard (Buyer Area) > Items Bidding on'. KidMax will validate if you can retract your bid and ask you to confirm. After confirmation, your bid will be retracted and you (bidder) and the seller of the item will be notified via e-mail of this action.
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