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KidMax is the place to discuss, buy, sell, exchange goods & services for kids of all ages.

We strive to provide our kids with everything we can. Kids grow fast. They tend to grow out of things even faster. Sometimes, the experience can be frustrating. Sometimes, it prevents us from giving them things that we could. Now you can provide them with every smile they deserve in the world.

KidMax is a community dedicated to provide for our children affordably. It is the place to get everything for our kids and sell or exchange when they no longer need or want them. It is also the place for businesses and service providers to advertise their businesses and services for kids.

By becoming a member of this community, you will be able to save a lot of money and be able to provide every smile to your loved little ones. You will find KidMax to be a fun place to buy/sell/exchange goods and list/find businesses/services for kids of all ages. Pass on those smiles to other kids and multiply yours.

Join us in building this community stronger and safer for benefit of your kids and for others'. Remember, happy kids make a happy world.

Register today and start saving. Registration is fast, safe, free and easy. You can start purchasing, bidding and making offers to sellers with free registration. You can start finding services and businesses providing for your kids in or near your locality. Your registration information is private. You can find out more about how we handle your personal information by reading our Privacy & Security Policy. If you have already registered, Sign In.

To sell a product/item or list a business/service, you will need to provide your billing & shipping information. This information is required to keep KidMax a safe place to buy and sell. You will not be charged when you enter this information. You will be charged once a month, on a day determined by your billing cycle, if you have a balance due.

We welcome sellers of new & used products for kids, and services & businesses providing for kids. We welcome both individuals and businesses. To sell product/item, click here. You can describe your item for sale, add pictures and choose the type of sale. To list a service/business, click here. You can describe your service/business, specify details and add pictures.

Enjoy and let us know how we can do better.

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