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There are 4 ways to sell product/item(s) on KidMax:
  • Fixed Price Sale: A buyer can buy listed item at the price specified by the seller.
  • Auction: Interested buyer(s) bid on the listed item.
  • Exchange Offers: Interested buyer(s) submit acceptable type(s) of offer for the listed item. The seller and the interested buyer can then negotiate and determine the final terms of the exchange offer. The types of acceptable offers are:
    • Cash Offer: Interested buyer(s) specify the cash amount (in US $) that they are willing to offer for the item. Buyer and seller have the ability to negotiate this offer.
    • Exchange Offer with an item: Interested buyers specify an item they are willing to exchange for the listed item. This can be done either by specifying the details of the item or by specifying an item that the interested buyer currently has listed on KidMax. Buyers and sellers also have the ability to add/subtract cash with this type of offer.
    Seller specifies the type(s) of offer he/she is willing to accept in the listing.
  • Fixed Price Sale / Will consider offers: This is a mix of Fixed Price Sale and Exchange Offers. A buyer can buy the item at the specified fixed price or submit an acceptable exchange offer for the listed item.
KidMax will charge seller fee associated with your type of sale. Please review details of Seller Fees (Product/Item).
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