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This article describes how to end an item earlier than it's scheduled expiration. To learn how to end a listing, see End a Listing.
How can I end an product/item listing earlier than it's scheduled expiration?
You can end a product/item you have listed for sale earlier than it's scheduled expiration.
Please Note:
  • We strongly discourage ending items earlier than scheduled. This action is not reversible.
  • However, certain situations, such as if the item is lost or stolen, make it necessary to end a listing before it's scheduled expiration.
  • You can end an item you have listed for sale or exchange any time uptil 12 hours before it's scheduled expiration.
  • An item can not be ended early if only 12 hours are remaining from it's expiration.
  • If you end your listing early, your account will still be charged Listing fee for the item.
  • All winning bids, pending exchange offers for this item and pending exchange offers made with this item, if any, will expire. Your potential trading partners for this item will also be notified.
  • However, note that if your listing has any completed purchases (Fixed Price Sale or Buy this Item) and/or complete/accepted exchange offers (for or with this item), you are obligated to complete these transactions with your trading partner(s). Your account will also be charged Transaction fee for these transactions.
To end an item earlier than scheduled, go to 'my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Items Selling' or go to End Item. Enter the Item ID of the item that you want to end earlier than scheduled. You can find Item ID in the listing, in your listing confirmation e-mail, or in 'my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Items Selling'. If your item can be ended earlier than scheduled, it will be ended and you will notified via e-mail of this action. Your potential trading partner(s), if any, for this item will also be notified via e-mail.
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