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This article describes how to list a service/business on KidMax. To learn how to sell product/item(s), see How to Sell?.
Listing a Service/Business on KidMax is simple and fast.
To list a service/business, you must become a member of KidMax. You must also have a Valid Seller Account. For this, you must have valid billing & shipping information on KidMax. If you do not have a valid seller account, you will be prompted to provide this information. This process takes only a couple of minutes. This enables KidMax to be a safer place for both the buyers and sellers.
Note that we do not share your information with any third parties. Review our Privacy & Security Policy for details.
Before you list a service/business on KidMax, you must make sure that is allowed to be listed on KidMax. It is the seller's responsibility to make sure that their service/business is appropriate to advertise and/or promote under all the local and otherwise applicable laws and regulations. See list of Prohibited & Restricted Items/Listings on KidMax.
KidMax will charge seller fee associated with your listing. Please review details of seller fees (Service/Business) here.
To begin listing, click here. You will be asked to fill in following information:
Service/Business Details: You will be asked to select a category and a sub-category for your service/business. You can optionally specify the ages of kids who would find the service/business useful or interesting. To specify fractional ages, enter age+. For example, to specify 1 1/2 years or 18 months, enter 1+.
If the service/business is for a specific gender, you have the option of specifying it here. You can select unisex/neutral for service(s)/business(es) that are designed for both genders (example: clothing stores, dance instructions, etc.) or choose not to specify this for your listing (example: tutoring, dental clinics, etc.).
Svc./Biz. Location: can be entered as a ZIP / Postal code or a custom text (Examples of ZIP or Postal Code: 94401, V7Y 1J6). Please enter the accurate location of the service/business. This information is essential for interested members.
Provide a title and description of the service/business. Be as descriptive as possible. You can add up to 5 pictures. Each picture can be up to 500 KB in file size and should be in one of the following file formats: JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg file extension), GIF (.gif file extension), PNG (.png file extension) or BMP (.bmp file extension). We encourage adding pictures. Pictures help interested customers in getting a better idea of your service/business.
Listing Start Date & Duration: Specify when you want to make your listing public (or start your listing). If you don't specify a start date and time, the listing will start immediately after you confirm it. Note that after the listing has become public, you will not be able to change the start date & time. Also, select the duration for which you want the listing to be public. This will determine the listing end date & time.
Counter: Counter shows number of visits to your listing. You can choose to make it visible to all users or only to yourself. You can see the number of visits to your listing in 'my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Svc./Biz. Listed' anytime till the listing is public.
Review & confirm your listing on the next screen. To make any changes, click on 'Edit' next to the Listing Details section. Also, review the seller fee (Service/Business) for the listing. This fee is charged to your account on or after the listing starts (becomes public). After you have reviewed your listing thoroughly, click 'Submit' button. That's it! Your service/business is now listed on KidMax. You will be presented with a confirmation screen with this message.
  • A seller can make changes (revise) to a service/business listing anytime till the listing is public or scheduled to become public. To revise to your listing, go to 'my Dashboard (Seller Area) > Svc./Biz. Listed' anytime till the listing is public or scheduled to become public. To revise, click 'Revise Listing' below the title of your listing.
  • You can list as many services/businesses as you like using one KidMax member account.
  • After your listing becomes public, it may take up to 15 minutes for it to become searchable by KidMax users.
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