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Subject/Content: Articles should be for parents of kids and can be relevant to kids of any age, from toddlers to teenagers to kids in their 20s. Articles can be on any subject related to kids - parenting, education, health, sports, physical or mental fitness, good habits, culture, moral stories, staying away from trouble, good products for kids, recommendations for kids, etc.
Who can write: Everyone is welcome to write. We encourage everyone to write. More than one person can write one article. You can submit more than one article. Please check your article for grammatical and spelling errors before submitting.
Original author(s)/Copyright: Submitted article(s) must be original. You must be able to prove that you are the original author(s) or you have the copyrights on submitted article(s).
Article size: Articles must be a minimum of 750 and maximum of 1100 words.
Rights to publish: We reserve all the rights to select, publish and reward submitted articles. You waive your copyright(s) to submitted articles.
Possibility of writing contracts: Selected authors could be offered contracts to write for KidMax on a regular basis. These contracts could be for a series on a subject or for articles on independent subjects.
How to submit: E-mail your article in Microsoft Word or plain text format to

By submitting one or more articles to us for review, you agree to all the terms & conditions specified above.

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Last updated: November 25th, 2008
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