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TLC Life Essentials: Costs of Having a Baby
Posted on: Sep 04, 08 09:59 PM U.S. PT
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It's expensive to have a baby. Here are some tips on financial planning for your family on The Learning Channel's "TLC Life Essentials".
We recommend watching this excellent video (Watch the Video) on Budgeting and Saving for new parents by The Learning Channel's "TLC Life Essentials. It estimates that having a child costs around $13,000 in United States during the child's first year. The number keeps growing as the children grow. The total expected cost of raising a kid by the time he/she reaches the age of 18 is around $300,000!! KidMax can help you alleviate some of that cost without sacrificing any benefits for your kids. KidMax enables you to get maximum value for your kids.
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